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2018 B&B season has begun…I wish we could convince Mother Nature

We seem to be off to a wetter start this year but once again, we are looking forward to meeting new friends and reuniting with previous ones.  Excited to get started!

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Shorter 2016 season!

We have decided to shorten our B&B season this year to carry-on with another adventure!  We will be open June, July and August this summer and look forward to meeting new friends.

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2015 Season

The snow is nearly gone and our fifth season has already begun!  We are excited for another fun B&B season.

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2014 B&B Season has started…

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2013 B&B season is here.

Sue and I were debating whether we should go on vacation in February or not, we both felt it is cheating when the weather in Nova Scotia is so mild all winter. While we were trying to decide our decision was made for us, we started getting reservations! We are excited that this year is starting over a month earlier than 2012 did. We both had such an enjoyable time with the B&B in 2012 we are really looking forward to 2013!

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Summer is here!

It is well into summer and we have had a great time here at Creekside meeting new friends and enjoying the beautiful weather in the Valley.  We were thrilled to have our first newlywed couple spend their wedding night, and enjoyed great company and conversation with visiting guests.  We also enjoy the non-registered ‘guests’ that spend the summer with us, its particularly fun to see the ones that were not here when we grew up (the American Gold Finches for example.)

One of our many humming birds.

Yes, they really do eat upside down.

One of the pair that is nesting close to our house.

early morning visitors

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Fall in the Valley

One of the things we missed the most about the Valley was fall, this one did not disappoint.  The warm days and cool evenings have been great, seeing the apples, grapes, corn, hay, pumpkins etc. being harvested brings a peaceful feeling.  Snow is coming but with double digit temperatures until late November I’m sure it won’t last long.

The summer was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our first summer as B&B owners, we are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

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Creekside is open!

To all future guests, some important information;

  • We are a no smoking facility, there is plenty of enjoyable outdoor deck and yard area for those who wish to smoke.
  • We have a small, quiet, non-shedding dog in our home. No other pets please.
  • We presently can only accept cash or cheque, we are working on a debit machine.

Room rates are;

  • One night free for a seven night stay.
  • Creekside Room – $90/night
  • Valley View Room – $95/night
  • Vineyard View Room – $110/night

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September update

Our house is finished!  Now we just have opening day in May to look forward to.  The new colors on the house look great, finish and trim is done, the sun room is my favorite place.  Sue and my Mother did a great job refinishing the chairs we bought.

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Opening Day is May 20, 2011

If you are in the area we would love it if you would stop by, even if just to say hello.  Mike and I hope to see you as we take another step in our adventures on May 20, 2011!

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