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Creekside is open!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

To all future guests, some important information;

  • We are a no smoking facility, there is plenty of enjoyable outdoor deck and yard area for those who wish to smoke.
  • We have a small, quiet, non-shedding dog in our home. No other pets please.
  • We presently can only accept cash or cheque, we are working on a debit machine.

Room rates are;

  • One night free for a seven night stay.
  • Creekside Room – $90/night
  • Valley View Room – $95/night
  • Vineyard View Room – $110/night

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She Has Come A Long Way

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

When we last left you, we said that the next steps are plumbing, new septic system and likely a well, then gyproc, finish bathrooms (seven of them!), bedrooms (five of them) and kitchens (two of them), build a three car garage and then finish landscaping and pray for customers.

Well a whole year has past and the plumbing is finished, the electrical is done with the exception of the final hookup, and the gyproc (mudding, taping and sanding) of all three levels are complete. The ceilings of the upper two floors have been painted and stippled, and the hardwood floors are being finished as we write this. The preparing of the bathroom floors for electrical heating and tiles is scheduled for the end of next week. It is so exciting to see the house come together instead of ripping it apart.

Oh Baby…has she come a long way!

While the gyproc, mudding and taping was getting done, I, as all good wives should do from time to time, went Bed and Breakfast shopping and spent some money. I visited some of the local antique stores and found some great finds. 5 dressers, 1890 leather bound Bible, some lamps and some mirrors.

Purchased the dressers for the Bed & Breakfast at local antique shops.

My brother and I went home in June 2009 and installed two windows in the kitchen, two doors (one in the mud/laundry room and another between the sunroom and the library), and we also took all the old boards off the attic floor, added new insulation and put down new plywood.

The attic floor finished, with the exception of the dust settling.

However, all is not good news, as I am sure is true of every renovation.  While, we were putting in the windows and doors we noticed some ‘oopsies’ that the contractors made. While, we were taking out a window and installing the door for the back yard, we found a beehive in between the walls. I wonder how that could have gotten there. The search was not long. The window beside the door had a whole left for Mother Nature to fill, just for fun. Also, we noticed the 6-inch add on to the mud/laundry room (had to add only 6 inches so it could fit properly on the foundation) was made, but no insulation was added between the walls. We took the gyproc off the wall, took the wrong thickness of vapor barrier off and added insulation, put the correct vapor barrier on and installed the door.

One of the contractor’s “oopsies”.

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