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July update

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Sue and her sister (Mary) are back with photos and stories of their adventures during their three week trip to Creekside Bed and Breakfast.  I put most of the photos on our Facebook page (see link above), a few select ones will be included here.

    The weather was great for their visit, hovering between 27 and 32c during the day and cooling off to around 18c overnight.  While this would be great for visiting the girls had lots of work to get done so they took the occasional time off from the hectic working and shopping to enjoy the Valley.  

  The work was setting up rooms to get a feel for the final layouts and the furniture. Sue and Mary had a grand time doing this but it was hard work moving beds, chairs, tables and dressers about. You can see the results of their hard work in the attached photos.  Our carpenters were also working hard and the front deck, portico complete with herring bone patterned ceiling is complete.  Both of these jobs have made an enormous difference in the house, I love the portico!  The painters have started on the exterior of the house and it should be complete by mid-August.  This will leave only the interior trim to be completed and a few odd jobs.

  Sue and Mary’s adventures took them to Margretsville on one particular day to enjoy the shore.  They were thrilled when they arrived to see whales breeching  just off shore.  This small harbour also has some beautiful cliffs with breathtaking waterfalls when the tide is out as you can see by the attached photos.  A local also mentioned that seals regularly sun themselves there when the tide is out.  Of course this trip also include shopping, as they moved on to Port George Sue had the urge to stop into a small antique shop and left with three tables, a mirror and a small dresser.  Sue and Mary also went to a local gem of a spot to hike.  “Rock Notch” is a beatiful area with a small river winding through thick woods and babbling over rough rocks.

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