The Beginning of Creekside

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I will provide some background for those who may not know it already. Sue and I have always thought we would “move home” some day and so we have been thinking of timing and what to do when we get there.

The idea of a B&B came about through my mother, who ran one for several years. On one of our visits to Nova Scotia we looked around for an appropriate setting and to our liking, in the spring of 2006 an old Victorian house came up for sale. Several things attracted Sue and I to this place more than others; it is a beautiful old house, it seemed to be structurally sound with a young family living in it, it was built in the late 1800s (the year 1892, to be exact) by a local farmer whose family still lives in the area, there was nine acres of land with the house which afforded the country feel we are looking for and it is only four miles from town, a small vineyard is across the road which adds to the properties already country appeal. This house also has a nostalgic allure as the property backs on to the property I grew up on and where Sue and I first met (she was 14, I was 15 …aawwww!). I learned later that my uncle had lived in the house when he was young and had broken his ankle jumping out a second story window… those of you who know John will not be at all surprised to hear that.

With all that said, we bought the house.

As purchased, Spring 2006

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  1. Carmel, Ted & Quinn McRury says:

    Your home is nothing short of amazing! We enjoyed out stay with you and will come back for sure. The entire house is warm and inviting and the hospitality you provided was wonderful. The breakfast was yummy and the fact that you made us breakfast at such an early hour to accommodate our hockey schedule was extremely nice. We can’t say enough good things about Creekside B&B, only that we cannot wait until the next visit :)
    The McRury’s


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